All change at the top

The company formerly known as “LPE Group Ltd” has changed its name !

LPE Group Ltd grew as a group of companies servicing the stone industry, originally including Breton UK, Comandulli UK amongst others but grown from the name of Laser Products Europe, one of the initial companies.

We have recently undergone restructuring of the ownership of some of the companies in the group, representing a slight change of direction.

Stone Industry Group Ltd (formerly LPE Group Ltd) still owns LPE Group Ireland and 50 % of Stone Industry Group North America Inc (formerly LPE Group North America Inc) along with our partner Gerry Van Der Bas, which in turn wholly owns Turrini USA Corp.

The name change is in part due to some confusion created because of our relationship with Laser Products Industries in Romeoville IL, a long time partner of ours and should help to reaffirm that while we are trading partners, there is no direct relationship between the companies.

Stone Industry Group Ltd also owns a new company, StoneWorker Ltd which has created a new online platform for the sale and research of stone industry machinery and services.

This is covered in a separate post here


We are excited about what the future brings as we tackle the market with a new vigour and hope to assist customers old and new in procuring the best equipment and machinery the stone industry has to offer.

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