New Appointment

LPE Group, having recently rebranded as Stone Industry Group is excited to announce the appointment of another stalwart in the North American market, Drew Thornton to the position of Vice President.

Drew has worked in the industry for many years with digital measuring systems, most recently handling partner relationships with some of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers.

Responsible primarily for our digital technologies, he will also be involved in all our product lines and was recently even hands on in a water recycling system installation at a customer in Tennessee, in order to fully learn how it operates and the benefits to customers.

Believing like we do in the delivery of not only top quality products that add value and real benefit to customers, but also providing great service, Drew is a perfect fit for SIG

“Ive known Drew for almost 10 years, both through the industry and as a good friend and when I heard he was going to be available, there was no hesitation in bringing him on board. His wealth of experience and his great relationships with customers fits so well with our reputation” – Simon Bradbury

“Drew has been a key player in the technological progress of our industry. He knows the stone industry intimately and is well known to be straightforward advocate for his clients` and this is the key culture we are building here. We believe in products and professionalism that is tried and true and from the only sensible vantage point which is eye to eye with ambitious clients. Drew’s out of the gate running and I’m excited to see him already succeeding.  -Gerry Vanderbas

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