Product Launch – ClearCut OFFLINE

We are super excited to announce the launch at TISE Las Vegas of our Clearcut OFFLINE tool presetter

To complement our already successful and award winning ClearCut machine for setting tools on your spindle, now we offer all options !

ClearCut OFFLINE is a simple to use, high precision presetter that quickly and easily gives you the measurements you need (with labels) while your machine keeps running.

Perfect for larger shops with more machines or multi shifts and zero downtime.

Come and see us at TISE in Vegas

Not only are we the only company to give you both online and offline options but our pricing is industry busting !

Thinking you have to spend $50k ? Think less than HALF that !

Thought you couldn’t afford a presetter ?

Think again…

Come see us and also take advantage of our Stone Industry groups Double Down Deal across all of our companies.

Double Down Deal in Las Vegas – Join the NSI on us ! Its a Win Win !

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