Entering the world of tool presetting is made easy with the CLEARCUT OFFLINE. Fully equipped and easy to use, the CLEARCUT OFFLINE offers a user-friendly intuitive interface, allowing for easy setting of tools and inspection. Easily check tool geometry using one of the auto- measuring functions.

Built to accompany our simple to use ONLINE version, the CLEARCUT OFFLINE gives you another option for measuring tools

Extend Tool Life

Recalibrate to get more life out of your tools.

Optimize Tool Presets

Calibrate new tool sets precisely for your CNC for optimal performace.

Increase CNC Efficiency

Enhance quality of edges and reduce need for manual polishing.


This powerful new operating system uti lizing Windows, features state-of-the-art tool measuring, inspection and data man-agement solutions. CLEARCUT presetters increase efficiency, reduce down time and are supported by extensive applications, technical support, and a global service network. 

Ergonomically designed controls

With the operator in mind, the CLEARCUT OFFLINE presetter was designed with an ergonomic micrometric hand wheel allowing for easy fine adjustment of the presetter’s optics. A “zero g” support column allows smooth, effortless movement of the camera optics in both X and Z. Easy to use interchangeable tool pots allows the presetter to be quickly switched to accommodate any type of tooling.


Simple and intuitive, the CCO Smart software is easy to use. All functions are easy to find and shown using simple, graphical icons. It has never been easier or faster to set your tooling. Create tool lists and generate tool offsets in minutes with the CCO Smart software. (optional) 

Viewing System

Easy to use software combined with a full 19” HD monitor provides the operator with full control. Easily select any of the presetters measuring options with one click, while still viewing the edge of the cutting tool. The telecentric lenses on the HD cameras provide a full field of vision. 

Works on all CNC’s

Versatile to work on any CNC routing machine and tool setup.

Spindle adaptors are available for all major machine types, Intermac, Breton, CMS, Thibaut, Omag, Park, Northwood etc

 Slideways & Opticals

The CLEARCUT OFFLINE is built with dual SP Precision guides and preloaded recirculating bearings mounted to a stabilized steel base ground to 2 microns of planarity. 1-micron glass optical scales are used to ensure the highest accuracy of tool measurements.


  • Simple to use
  • Interchangeable tool types
  • LED Lighting – Specially designed to give best image
  • Digital Microscope for high-res images
  • HD Monitor for easy viewing
  • Anyone can measure tools


The most comprehensive, bumper-to-bumper warranty program in the industry. Product warranties include:

  • Unlimited software updates
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Annual calibration & cleaning available on request
  • Return shipping to customer

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