Frequently asked Questions

Why measure ONLINE instead of offline ?



Doesn’t matter if your tools look like this.

Most of the time they are sat in the machine and it picks them up and runs.

We measure in the spindle, while rotating so you measure the “true environment” of the tool, so the measurement is exactly right – without adjustment



We take account of any spindle “wobble” from worn bearings etc

We measure in the spindle, while rotating so you measure the “true environment” of the tool.



You have no doubt been told that offline means no downtime.

You must factor in that someone needs to take all the tools out of the machine

The tools (and holders) need to be perfectly clean or accuracy isn’t guaranteed

They need to be taken to a clean room to measure

Then they have to be brought back and installed back in the machine, in the right order


  1. We measure the tool in its true environment, in the spindle, rotating -AS IT IS WHEN ITS TOUCHING THE STONE
  2. It doesn’t matter if the tool holders are bent or corroded or dirty. Thats how they run in the machine, that’s how they get measured
  3. You don’t have to remove the tools from the machine to measure

  4. No confusion when placing tools back into the machine pockets
  5. 99% of machine operators have 15 minutes during a day to measure tools. It should be part of maintenance on a machine


  1. Offline measuring means the tools are placed into a collar, which isn’t clamped and doesn’t rotate at spindle speed
  2. Tools must be totally clean and dry and the tool holders must be totally clean, free of corrosion or preferably new

  3. Tools need to be taken off the machine and to a clean room in order to be measured

  4. Tools can often be mixed up when placing back into the machine
  5. Someone still needs to take out the tools, clean them, measure them and replace them. This all takes longer than the 15 minutes it takes to measure a set using ClearCut
Does ClearCut dress my tools ?


There isn’t a machine on the market that measures AND dresses tools

But ClearCut makes it easiest !

When you see the tool in the window and it looks like it needs redressing, just jog it out in X+, dress the tool like in the photo, then jog it straight back in and measure again !

No removing it, no refitting it, just dress & re-measure

Fast & easy

Do my tools have to be clean ?



Doesn’t matter if your tools look like this.

Most of the time they are sat in the machine and it picks them up and runs.

We measure in the spindle, while rotating so you measure the “true environment” of the tool, so that measurement is exactly right – without adjustment

How do I measure in the same spot all the time ?


Origin Plate

We supply a plate that you can fix to your machine table, either permanently or with removable dowels

This means you measure in exactly the same place, every time


Same time, same place

Place the ClearCut onto the fixed origin plate

Then select the origin from the saved list on the tablet.

Calibrations are already done so you are straight into measuring



Calibrated Origins

Fixed origins speed up the whole measuring process.

Calibrations are saved and picked from a list, then straight into measuring

Will I need training ?


That depends on you !


Some of our customers have watched the training videos and happily sped off into the sunset, measuring tools on their own.

Some need a little more help from us or our team.

It doesn’t matter either way, you decide if you need us or not !

What about software updates ?


Free software updates – forever

We believe in all our users benefiting from improvements.

Thats why we give everyone any updates that come available.

Keep an eye on our website for details of revisions and how to update, its fast and easy and you will receive the same software as everyone else !

We have some more major improvements coming !

Isn't this just Eagle Eye ?


In (really really) short – but not really, actually

We have been working with the developer of Eagle Eye for over 4 years to improve and refine the product into what it is today.


  • Upgraded digital microscope
  • Radically improved software with new capability
  • Auto alignment of tools
  • Fixed origin plate for your machine
  • Modified casing to work on all machines
  • Refined and lightened machine components
  • All machining and assembly now done in house
  • Designed, assembled and tested in Phoenix AZ, USA

ClearCut is not completely, but almost an entirely new product. There are a huge amount of changes been made to the hardware and the software is a complete re-write to address new features and to allow for future upcoming new capabilities !


The people behind ClearCut have expanded too !

We now have experienced people all over the USA and Europe who can train and support you with ClearCut. Including technical staff from one of the most trusted tooling companies in the industry, Nicolai Diamant, who have manufacture tooling in Michigan.


We won’t stop there. We are continuing to add people and evolve the software and there are capabilities ALREADY BUILT IN to every ClearCut machine that we will activate later with software updates … a bit like Tesla … only it doesn’t cost you 100 Grand !

Can I talk to someone who has one ?


Of Course !

There are multiple people who post on social media about their ClearCut experience, but drop us a line and well put you in touch with someone !